Awesome – Teresa W.

Both the hygienist and Dr. Kyle were awesome! In and out? – December 27, 2018

Professional and Accommodating – Tracy B.

The staff have been wonderful since we started using their services a month ago. When I had concerns, the staff took the time to listen and showed they cared and valued me as their consumer. They are still working on learning to be accommodating to people with disabilities, and assured me they are working on it. I am confident with time they will get there! – December 20, 2018

High Quality, Friendly Service – Joe K.

Great place that really cares, gets to know you, and takes care of your mouth. – December 20, 2018

Always High Quality Service – Dawn P.

Thank you to all the staff for the past 30 plus years… – December 20, 2018

Professional Kindness – Jennie X.

Breanne was very personable and nice. She was very thorough with my cleaning and very attentive throughout the entire appt. She did not make me feel embarrassed about not being in for a while and she worked diligently on cleaning my teeth and build up. I really appreciated the care I received and her kind demeanor so I made sure to schedule my next cleaning right away. Thanks Breanne! – December 19, 2018

Great Service and People – Yolanda W.

I have been to the office twice now and both times, I have had a great experience. The staff is very nice and accommodating. This last visit, I made a mistake with my appointment time which made me late, but they were able to fit me in during that time. – December 18, 2018

Great Dentist – Anne N.

I’ve been going to Personal Care Dentistry for years. They are the best. Great hygienists and dentists. Always professional, clean office, good atmosphere and great at what they do. Highly recommend. – December 18, 2018

It Was A Breeze – Carl D.

As someone who went 24 years in-between dentist visits due to a past bad experience I can say that the staff and dentist at Personal Care Dentistry couldn’t be more professional and great at their work. I was very nervous about the crown I just got put on to the point where I delayed the appointment as long as I could, but I went through with it and it was a breeze. I can honestly say I’m no longer afraid to go to the dentist thanks to Personal Care Dentistry. – December 18, 2018

High Level of Excellence – Hank V.

Dr. Hunt I want to thank you and your staff for the professional service and attention to detail that you all provide. As a long time client you and your staff have always maintained a high level of excellence at Personal Care Dentistry. – December 11, 2018

Confidently Recommend – Rick G.

Great customer service, comfortable space, very friendly staff. I feel like I am in good, professional hands when I visit. I have been with them for many years and have confidently recommended them to many of my friends. – December 4, 2018

Great Service Always – Daniel B.

I have been going to PCD for a couple of years now. Service is always personalized, friendly, and professional. They have made significant improvement and recommendations for maintaining my dental health. – December 14, 2018

Awesome Staff and Calming Environment – Katie M.

I have been to PCD twice now for emergency dental procedures (two root canals). Everyone from the front desk workers, the assistants, the doctors and the payment department is just great. Everyone is always very friendly. More important, they don’t make me feel bad for my teeth. I will come back, even though I live in Stillwater! – December 13, 2018

I’ll Be Back! – April P.

Quick and efficient! My teeth are sparkling clean too! – December 13, 2018

No Longer Afraid – Carl D.

I went 24 years in-between dentist visits due to a past bad experience and I can say I’m no longer afraid to go to a dentist again. The staff is both professional and makes you feel comfortable and their work is top notch. If I would have known getting work done on your teeth was this easy I would have gone to them sooner. – December 13, 2018

Staff Was Wonderful – Mary O.

I stopped in with a question and I was able to immediately see a dentist. Dr. Andrew was kind and efficient and answered all my questions. The staff was wonderful and never once did anyone seem to be upset that I arrived without an appointment. Thank you very much for providing such an excellent service at the spur of the moment. – December 10, 2018

First Class – Douglas S.

Everyone I was in contact with was polite, friendly and helpful. The dental assistant and the dentist were very professional. I had a cavity filled with no pain. – December 10, 2018

Excellent – Matthew L.

Dr. Furey set me up with a dental appliance that has eliminated my snoring. I have been able to sleep easy through the night ever since I brought it home. So has everyone in my neighborhood. Dr. Furey also explained the different settings of the appliance in detail. I tried 1 different setting after 2 weeks, the way he showed me, and it worked even better. Thanks. – December 7, 2018

Great First Visit – Shelley R.

I’ve only ever been to the same hygienist and dentist for my entire life so switching to an entirely new place made me a little nervous. I was very pleased with my whole experience. I felt respected and all my questions/concerns were addressed. – December 6, 2018

Highly Recommend – Kirk B.

Very friendly and always do an excellent job. I highly recommend them to anyone. – December 6, 2018

Explain Each Step – David G.

Very polite and thorough. They explain each step of the cleaning and exam. Would highly recommend. – December 5, 2018

Check Up Clean Up – Robert W.

Jordan did a great job – she was very efficient. – December 4, 2018

Great Experience With Kids – Janet H.

Brianne and Dr. Kyle Hunt were excellent with my toddler. It was our second appointment, and Brianne made it fun and playful – she managed to polish, floss and put fluoride on a three-year-old’s teeth! We were very happy and every time we pass the office our toddler says “I want to go to the dentist!” I get great care there for my teeth as well, and will continue to use this office as our primary care dentistry. – December 4, 2018

Happy/Positive Environment – Natalie B.

Every time I walk in, it just seems like everyone is happy and in a good mood. Even if I am just walking past someone, they always smile and greet me. The care I was given was excellent as well! Lindsey cleaned my teeth and not only took her time but made me feel comfortable and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. I enjoyed getting to know her as she cleaned my teeth. Dr. Andrew also was very welcoming and again, just seemed to be in a good mood. I really appreciate the positive environment! – December 3, 2018

Stress Free – Susan S.

So glad to have Dr. Kyle, and staff, as my new team. They calmed my nerves and supported my needs. They even had several essential oils to help me relax. My appointment was pain free, with no fear of coming back. I’ve found my new dental home. – November 30, 2018

Wonderful With children – Adrianne H.

My eight-year-old daughter had to get three teeth extracted and needless to say she was extremely nervous and scared. Dr. Furey made her feel so comfortable by explaining every step and even let her see and touch the instruments. She left with the biggest smile and three cool gifts. – November 29, 2018

Everyone is So Friendly! – Gretchen S.

All the staff are very nice and friendly, and always making sure the patient is okay and understands the procedures. The office and exam rooms are always clean and decorated well. You could use some better magazines though ? – November 29, 2018

Always a Great Experience – Ryan M.

Breanne is a pro, and so is the rest of the team! – November 28, 2018

Kim Greets Me With a Smiling Face – Glenn M.

My dental hygienist, Kim greets me with a smiling face at 6:30 a.m. and we have a nice conversation catching up on each other’s family for the last 6 months. She explains what she is going to do before anything is done. She asks about my medical history to see if anything has changed. She handles her cleaning tools as delicately as possible to do the job properly without causing unnecessary discomfort. We also discuss some of the new technology related to dental hygiene. Teeth whitening has been an interesting topic with the effects to the tooth enamel. She also explains the pros and cons of painting on or rinsing a fluoride treatment to my teeth. We always set up a 6 month return visit to check up on the maintenance of my teeth so I know I get the same person again. – November 27, 2018

Thanks For Making My Day – Richard B.

Breanne was wonderful and made my appointment a very pleasant experience… a fun way to begin the day. Thanks for making my day. – November 27, 2018

20 Years of Great Service and It Just Keeps Getting Better – Barb P.

I truly enjoy going to the dentist because I get treated so well and always feel like they all truly care about my well-being. Dr. Hunt is awesome! Kim couldn’t be nicer, and the rest of the staff is equally wonderful. I am so glad that I found Personal Care Dentistry. I have referred dozens of people and they all thank me for the great recommendation. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us! – November 21, 2018

Great cleanings and professional courteous service – Mandy S.

My hygienist Kari is the best. She takes care of my teeth with ease and cares about my comfort. Dr. Kyle Hunt has been nice and professional. – November 21, 2018

Small Town Care, Big City Accessibility – Heather H.

I just had a crown put on and I couldn’t be more happy with the way I was treated. From the front desk to the dentist, everyone was kind and communicated clearly with me and with each other so that there were no surprises in care or expenses. I highly recommend this practice. As the daughter of a small-town dentist, it has been difficult to find a city dental practice that treats it’s patients with such particular attention, not overselling, but not skimping on care either. I have finally found my new dental home. Thank you Personal Care Dentistry. – November 20, 2018

I Will Continue to Refer – Priscilla P.

Friendly service, very personable staff! I will continue to refer friends and family to Personal Care Dentistry. – November 20, 2018

The Best Dental Office Ever! – Susan A.

I’ve been a patient at Personal Care Dentistry since about 1985. I’ve always had the best of care and feel valued by everyone on the staff. I was delighted to have Kim as my hygienist this morning; she was probably the first person I met at Dr. Hunt’s practice and it’s always so great to see her at the office. I recommend Personal Care Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a great dental practice. Everyone is the very best. I’ll be moving out of state in a couple of months but I plan to schedule my trips back so I can continue to enjoy the great care at PCD. – November 20, 2018

High Quality Service, Pofessional and Friendly – Jeanne M.

My personal dentistry for life. Kim always doeas a good job and she is very nice and make you feel important. – November 17, 2018

The First Time I’ve Enjoyed Being at the Dentist – Lindsay B.

This was my first time back at the dentist after at least seven years. I’d had an awful filling experience elsewhere and was afraid to put myself through that again! But I’m pregnant and wanted to make sure I was taking care of everything to stay healthy for baby. I loved the online appointment-making, and somehow managed to pick a hygienist who was also pregnant! It was wonderful to have the extra care to make sure I was comfortable, etc. The appointment went quickly but was not the normal bloody mess I’m used to when I’ve had rushed hygienists at other offices. Overall I have to say I’ve already recommended this office to others, and am actually planning on going back in six months instead of waiting another seven years ? – November 17, 2018

Great Experience Each Time – Meredith J.

The hygienist I had this time, Bre, was fantastic. Personable, efficient, and gentle. I have had wonderful experiences with Personal Care and will continue to refer people here. Thank you PC Dentistry! – November 15, 2018

Great Customer Service, Professional, Knowledgeable, Experienced – Molly M.

I have been a client for many many years and have always had the best experience and service. I would recommend this provider to anyone I know, Dr. Hunt is the best at what he does and is genuine with the care and services he provides! – November 14, 2018

Friendly and Professional Care – Ian M.

Missy and Dr. Kyle made my regular check-up a friendly reunion as much as a dental appointment. It was comforting to know that I was in capable hands. And thanks to both for their personal touch and attentiveness to my concerns. – November 13, 2018

Great Experience, As Always – Xinci T.

Two years ago, I chose Personal Care Dentistry for my teeth-care needs because I saw stellar reviews. My confidence in that assessment has only been strengthened through my own experiences. Thank you to everyone I’ve interacted with at the office, including the receptionists, dental hygienists, and dentists. You all have treated me with respect, patience, and kindness, especially when I had questions about my care or payment. The space has always felt welcoming and clean, and I hope many more patients will have the chance to experience the same high level of service I have. I’m moving away now, and I’m sorry to leave, but Personal Care Dentistry has impressed upon me such a high quality of care that I would not hesitate to recommend the business to anyone in the area. – November 13, 2018

I Couldn’t Be Happier! – Jessica B.

I love going to this dental office! I’ve never had a bad experience. Me, my husband and daughter all go to Personal Care Dentistry. I’ve even referred my parents to this office, and they love it as well. I recently went in for some cosmetic work and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The hygienist and dentist were so helpful and understanding with the what I was wanting to achieve. Their knowledge is endless. Thank you Personal Care Dentistry! – November 9, 2018

Great Dental Office! – Katy S.

I hadn’t been to the dentist in several years and was having tooth sensitivity. I was pretty nervous to visit the dentist in general but I felt so welcomed and everyone was so nice! My appointment was right on time, the dental hygenist was thorough and personable and it was as wonderful of an experience as a dentist appointment could be. Highly recommend! – November 8, 2018

Outstanding Dental Practice – Butch B.

Very personal service. The receptionist greets you by name when you walk in the door. Jenna, my hygienist, is very professional and personable. They make recommendations for teeth that will need work to be done, but never pressure to do it now. Just monitor it. I would highly recommend this dentistry. – November 8, 2018

Great Visit – Jessica K.

Kind and personal care. Consistently. What a great staff and a professional office. – November 2, 2018

A Dental Visit Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Gerard H.

The care, professionalism, attention to detail, and friendliness of Personal Care Dentistry staff is second to none. I’ve been going to Dr. Hunt’s practice for over 30 years and I’ve only had positive experiences. Missy is an outstanding dental hygienist and is extremely skilled at her craft. I also love Dr. Hunt’s photography — that alone is worth the visit. – November 2, 2018

All Outstanding – Kaye B.

It doesn’t matter who you see at Personal Care Dentistry- they are all outstanding!! – November 1, 2018

Excellent – Pat H.

Another wonderful experience. – November 1, 2018

Emergency Root Canal – Peggy B.

This appointment was Outstanding. Dr. Hunt stayed late to see me and then offered to stay later to actually do the root canal. His commitment to customer service shows everyday, but then it really shines when they go out of their way to make a patient feel like we matter. I would highly recommend Personal Care Dentistry and Dr. Hunt and his staff. They are by far the BEST. – October 26, 2018

Kind, Friendly, Professional – Catie M.

My cleaning with Carrie was one of the best experiences I’ve had at the dentist. She was gentle and through. Dr. Kyle was nice & professional. Both of them and the reception staff all provided clear information and overall made the new client experience very easy. – October 31, 2018.

Very Impressed – Marcia A.

The Best service I have ever received in a Dentist’s office and I am 88 years old. My early experiences in a dentist’s office were in a small town in Minnesota. I was very impressed with the high quality of attention. – October 30, 2018

I’ll Be Back to See Dr. Andrew – Marshall A.

Dr. Andrew was very thorough, diligent and professional in removing a very hard to extract broken tooth. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked ME what I wanted done. Too often on a first visit I’ve had to deal with a dentist who wants to start by giving me a long range plan, not recognizing that a 92 year old makes few long range plans. I need more dental work so I’ll be back to see Dr. Andrew. – October 30, 2018

Very Friendly, Helpful – Victoria G.

Amazing services and friendly staff. – October 30, 2018

Kim is Amazing – Paula K.

Time and again, Kim is always amazing. Professional, friendly, lovely in general. Glad she has stayed with the clinic so long – she keeps me coming back. The front desk staff is top notch as well! – October 30, 2018

Great Dental Visit – Patti R.

Dr. Hunt has been my dentist for over 40 years. I can’t speak more highly of him and his team. I won’t go anywhere else! I saw my hygienist Kim this morning, she does such a thorough cleaning. It is a pleasure to go see these two who really do care!!! – October 30, 2018

Dental Emergency – Steve P.

I had a crown come loose on the weekend and was able to have Personal Care Dentistry repair it first thing Monday morning! – October 29, 2018

Friendly – Daniele V.

Great dentistry to go to. Friendly and professional, really good with my kids. Highly recommend. – October 26, 2018

Great!! – Steve K.

Very professional as always, they take the fear and uncomfortable feelings of visiting the dentist right out of the experience. – October 26, 2018

Listened To – Bonnie Sue B.

Attentive service. Listened to and addressed my concerns. – October 25, 2018

Always a Pleasure – Laura F.

Oddly enough, having my teeth cleaned is always a pleasure. Missy is always friendly, warm, professional, and gentle. My whole family tries to schedule with Missy. She has watched my daughter grow and has been with us through life’s ups and down. Thank you! – October 25, 2018

Awesome Dental Care – Orysia B.

Efficient, professional and caring! My chipped tooth was taken care of in no time with concern for my comfort and well being. – October 24, 2018

Living Up to the Name Personal Care – Elizabeth C.

The hygienist spoke to me as if we had been friends before yet she was also extremely professional. The office is so clean and soothing. I especially enjoy gazing out the windows during my cleaning. Looking forward to this being my dentist for a long time to come. – October 23, 2018

Good Experience – Jamie M.

On-time, friendly and knowledgeable! Made me feel very comfortable. – October 23, 2018

Five Star Clinic – Lyle M.

Both the hygienist, and doctor were so knowledgeable and friendly. My hygienist did a awesome job cleaning my teeth. I didn’t need any dental work done, but the doctor was very thorough in his exam. Would recommend to anyone. – October 22, 2018

Pleasant! – Linda S.

I always feel welcome and special when I walk through the door. I used to hate to go to the dentist, but now it is a part of my routine and I honestly like going. Dr Hunt’s photographs are so enjoyable to watch – takes any anxiety away! – October 22, 2018

Professional and Friendly – Silverio R.

Very professional and friendly service. – October 21, 2018

Professional Cleaning – Emily D.

As always, professional…very personable! – October 19, 2018

Friendly and Professional – David W.

I have had Kim as my dental hygienist for decades, and she is always professional, thorough, and friendly. – October 18, 2018

Incredibly Friendly, Professional and Organized! – Maradi P.

I had my first visit, today! By far it was the best dental experience I’ve had!! Highly recommend! – October 17, 2018

Jessie Did Wonderfully – Thomas A.

Patient and informative. – October 16, 2018

Relaxed and Friendly Atmosphere – Cindi P.

I really appreciate the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at this office. I’ve never been a fan of dental visits, but the people at Personal Care Dentistry are understanding and patient. – October 16, 2018

Always Quality, Professional Service – Alice M.

If you want a personal, professional excellent dental experience go to Personal Care Dentistry. The whole staff is excellent, techniques and equipment on the front edge of technology and effectiveness and the office absolutely beautiful as it is decorated with a fine eye and outstanding original photographs by Dr. Hunt. I drive across town to get my dental care from Dr. Hunt and his hygienist Kim. Couldn’t ask for a better, more caring team. – October 16, 2018

Patient Centered Service – Tonya B.

The dentist explained each process as he worked to reset the veneer on my tooth. He and the assistant worked well together and ensured the process was a success. The dentist talked me through each step. I felt like a part of the team to get the job done. – October 11, 2018

Outstanding Service – Peggy B.

I have been going to Personal Care Dentistry for over 30+ years and wouldn’t think of trusting my dental care to anyone other than Dr. Hunt. Kim has been my hygienist the whole time also and I never see anyone else. They truly care about me. – October 9, 2018

Forever Grateful – Scott M.

As a new patient I was skeptical. I hate dentists not knowing or caring about their performance. Well, this experience was above and beyond. I needed a tooth extracted and almost immediately, they got me in (few days). The staff was very friendly and as helpful as possible. I had Dr. Shannon, whom I recommend highly. Not only did he take care of my tooth, but he sincerely wanted to know ME. Forever grateful for what they had done for me and with very little pain. I will definitely be coming back. Thanks again ? – October 9, 2018


I had an appointment with Kim and Dr. Kyle today. It was an “A plus experience” in every way, as always! Love Personal Care Dentistry! – October 8, 2018

Friendly and Helpful – Roxanne L.

I’ve been coming to Personal Care Dentistry for almost twenty years and now bring my husband and two children. The staff is always very friendly, and I’ve always been confident that my and my family’s teeth are being well taken care of. My kids LOVE going to the dentist and so do I! – October 8, 2018

Take the Time to Make Me Feel Comfortable – Kyle B.

All of the staff are wonderful, helpful and make the visit very enjoyable! – October 4, 2018

Friendly Atmosphere – Edwin G.

Efficient, professional and a very friendly atmosphere. – October 4, 2018

Favorite Dentist I’ve Been To – Amanda Y.

Dr. Kyle is my favorite dentist I’ve ever visited. He is efficient and friendly and does high quality work. Neither my husband nor I have ever had a problem with any work we’ve had done at that office. Twice now Dr. Kyle has helped me with my vasovagal reactions to needles/shots (where your body starts heading down the road to passing out). He actually taught me the term too; I knew how my body reacted but didn’t know why or that it had a name. Of course the dentist’s office is not the most fun place to go, but I like this one better than others. They don’t make me feel bad for not taking good enough care of my teeth. They are open with me about what’s going on in there and how best to handle it. They worked with me when my husband was laid off to get my root canal and crown finished before our insurance expired. There’s a dental office a three-minute drive from where I live now, but I’m not interested in switching. I like Personal Care Dentistry and plan to continue seeing them. – October 3, 2018

Professional – Kelly X.

I had a good experience once more, and my hygienist was really nice. – October 2, 2018

Best Dentist and Hygienist Around – Mary E.

I have been going to see Dr. Walter Hunt for many years. He is sensitive to my needs, most especially when I suffer some anxiety about going to see him. Kim is my hygienist and she does a super job and is thorough and gentle on me. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The rest of the staff is also very helpful and knows me when I walk in even though they have many patients. – October 2, 2018

Sore Jaw Pain Diagnosed – Lowell B.

I needed an urgency appointment as I was out of town when my lower jaw became quite painful and was swelling. The appointment staff was able to squeeze me in to see Dr. Kyle between other patients. An X-ray and examination diagnosed a molar abscess – antibiotic prescribed and appointment for a root canal will complete the cure. – October 1, 2018

Dr. Shannon Did a Great Job! – Molly W.

Dr. Shannon did a great job with my cavities. I’ve always hated going to the dentist and Dr. Shannon was great and kept me from feeling the anxiety and fear. It was a quick filling and he was helpful the entire time in explaining what to expect and what was going on. I would definitely recommend friends and family here. – September 29, 2018

Always Fast, Efficient and Detailed – Kyle D.

These folks have their act together. Fast, efficient, thorough, friendly and relaxed. Dentist offices are usually very good…these folks are great! – September 27, 2018

Great Assistance – Mary O.

Excellent service, love Dr. Hunt. Great assistance in obtaining prior authorization for upcoming procedure. – September 26, 2018

Fantastic Experience Yet Again – Gregory G.

I am pleased to have found these wonderful folks. I have a number of issues that need work and they have done an amazing job of helping me. I could not recommend them more highly.  September 25, 2018

Efficiency with a Smile – C.S.

Always a pleasure to see Jenna and Dr. Kyle – both are efficient and provide service with a smile! – September 24, 2018

Excellent Service and Attention to Detail – Greg H.

Very well-run office. Excellent dental hygienist and Dr. Kyle is top of the line too. – September 21, 2018

Great Service for a Cracked Tooth – Greg B.

Dr. Kyle and the team did a great job with a cracked tooth that happened a week ago. I like to be seen as early in the day as possible so I had to wait a day and since it was not an emergency, I opted to wait. I was seen promptly at 6:30 a.m. and had my temporary crown by 7:30. – September 20, 2018

Good Experience – Larry G.

It went well. It only took a couple minutes to fit me for the night guard and now I can pick it up next week. – September 18, 2018

Got Me in for a Broken Tooth – Craig S.

I called on Friday with a broken tooth and they were able to fit me in on Monday AM. Nancy and Dr. Kyle Hunt were friendly and efficient. Needed a crown. They had the temporary in and the mold for the permanent one on the way to the manufacturer in an hour. Scheduled to return in 2 weeks and expect all to go well then too. Good job! – September 17, 2018

They’re the Best – Geoff B.

Our entire family trusts Personal Care Dentistry, and have for decades. – September 17, 2018

High Quality Service – Mike B.

Everything went great, I keep coming back because I am treated so well during each appointment.  September 14, 2018

Very Gentle – Debbie F.

Kim cleaned my teeth and she is an awesome person. She does a good job and is very gentle.  September 14, 2018

Excellent Service All Around – Nick P.

Relaxing lobby (more like an art gallery) with coffee! Friendly and effective humans attentive to my presence, skilled professionals (all with smiles presenting wonderfully maintained teeth, of course), with this journey culminating in a short, comfortable and effective session filling two teeth – drills and all. Paid in full and received a discount, even. I left amazed at how it all went by like a fresh breeze on the lake and went to my car with an up-to-date mouth full of teeth (well, almost full). Of course I recommend Personal Care to any and all. Thanks for the wonderful time. – September 14, 2018

Great Service, Professionalism, Friendliness

I scheduled a last-minute appointment for a toothache. I was treated promptly and the service was great. I have been a patient since the late 1970s and have always received excellent treatment. – September 14, 2018

Very Professional and Friendly – Firass S.

The doctors and hygienists are very professional and friendly. My visits always started on time, and they didn’t take longer than necessary, and I appreciate that. – September 13, 2018

Thoughtful, Professional and Kind – Gregory G.

These folks are truly wonderful. They go above and beyond to make your experience pleasant. – September 13, 2018

Explained Each Step – Bonnie V.

Dr. Kyle and the assistants at these last two visits couldn’t have been nicer. It was great that they explained each step along the way and tried to make me as comfortable as possible (I tend to be extremely nervous at the dentist office). – September 12, 2018

A Class Act – Phil J.

Personal Care Dentistry is THE BEST. Dr. Hunt and his staff are helpful, thorough, professional, and friendly. Easily the best dental office I’ve been to in my long life. Special thanks to Teresa (hygienist). I give Personal Care Dentistry my highest and warmest recommendation! I’d give TEN stars if I could! – September 12, 2018

Friendly Staff and Great Care – Anna K.

I love my hygienist, it always feels like meeting a friend. My wait times are always reasonable in both the waiting room and waiting for the doctor. Today I didn’t really even wait! Their early morning options are so helpful to me as well. – September 12, 2018

Very Personable – Kathleen C.

Jenna was my gal today. She was very personable and she did a great job. As I hadn’t had my teeth cleaned hard, she was put to the test. Such a great gal. – September 11, 2018

Best Dental Experience – Norman S.

Everything was explained fully, all were very friendly, and the facility is very inviting. Absolutely one of the best dental experiences I have had in 60+ years! – September 11, 2018

Best Dentist in North Metro

Always friendly, on-time, personal and truly care about their patients! – September 11, 2018

High Quality, Professional, Friendly – Alice P.

Have been seeing Dr. Hunt for 35 years even though it’s now a drive. Love him and his staff, too. They explain issues and answer questions. – September 11, 2018

Kim is the Best – Theresa L.
I have been going to Personal Care Dentistry for over 40 years. Kim is the best hygienist I have ever had. I hope she never retires. The dentists are great too! Never get anxious about my dental appointments. – September 10, 2018

My Teeth Loved Their Cleaning – Val R.
My teeth are now really clean and even more healthy after the excellent work by the dental staff! – September 8, 2018

Great Service with Really Friendly Staff – Victor A.
I’ve always hated going to the dentist but Brenda did a great job making me feel comfortable and explained everything to me. I highly recommend going here, they’re a larger private practice but they do an amazing job with making you feel like part of the family. The photos that Dr. Hunt has taken are also a nice little touch. – September 7, 2018

Theresa and Dr. Walter Hunt are the Best! – Katherine C.
I hate dentists, doctors and the like. I had horrible experiences from past dentists and I’ve finally found the greatest hygienist and dentist around. They both put me at ease and make me feel normal about my squeamish tendencies. Thanks to both Theresa and Dr. Hunt. I hope they are around a long time. – September 6, 2018

Great Hygienist – Kim N.
Jordyn was a very gentle and skilled hygienist. – September 5, 2018

Great Staff, Great Environment and Great Experience – Katie E.
Personal Care Dentistry is an immaculately clean facility with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I always feel like a person whenever I go, not just some patient that helps pay their wages. My cleanings are always enjoyable and they really work with my schedule to ensure it’s convenient for me. I was so impressed by Personal Care Dentistry that I made my whole family switch to them! – September 5, 2018

Great Service – Made Me Feel Very Comfortable – Jessica H.
They got me in same day, I had broken a tooth that had a cavity in it. I’m also very anxious about the dentist and was surprised how fast and pain free my whole experience was. I would recommend this place to others. – September 4, 2018

So Great with My Two-Year Old! – Tracy M.
I feel terrible that I do not remember the dental assistant’s name, but she was so great with my son and his first time at the dentist. I have also been coming here for a little over a year and really appreciate the staff. I always feel comfortable. – August 31, 2018

Professional and Friendly – Orysia B.
Always a good experience that mitigates my dental phobia! Definitely would recommend to others looking for a dentist! – August 30, 2018

Great Service. Works Well with Me and My Disabilities – Mariah M.
I love coming here and I have no cavities! – August 29, 2018

Great First Visit – Daniel A.
From the initial greet, to the farewell, I felt very comfortable and welcomed. Theresa did an outstanding job cleaning my teeth, and explained herself each step of the way. Very personable along the way which helped my nerves regarding the dentist. Much appreciated! – August 29, 2018

Always Listens to My Concerns – Mary J.
I have been coming to Personal Care Dentistry since the early 1980s. Their team has always been professional and friendly. Dr. Hunt is outstanding. He always listens to my concerns. Kim is professional and always cares about my comfort level during the visit. My teeth are “alive & well” today because of their excellent care! – August 29, 2018

Fantastic dental office in the Roseville / St. Paul area! – David V.
Been a patient of Dr. Hunt and his son for the last 14 years. Tried others in the area prior to using Personal Care Dentistry and was disappointed. Found a winner with Dr. Hunt. Personal Care is not just a name, it’s their way of doing business – from the hygienist cleaning care to crowns and other dental work, they are great. Highly recommend! – August 24, 2018

Beyond My Highest Expectations – Gregory G.
I had my first appointment with Dr. Kyle Hunt and his team at Personal Care yesterday. I can’t remember when I’ve had such an incredible experience in customer service with any business, let alone a visit to a dentist. Each staff member went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable, both physically and emotionally…going in with a mouthful of major issues I really welcomed their reassurance. I’ll be seeing them a lot in the future as we fix my teeth and I can truly say that I am looking forward to it. Never thought I’d say that about any dentist! – August 23, 2018

Excellent Service – Heather S.
I have been going to Dr. Walter Hunt for years. I have always believed Dr. Hunt puts his patient’s cares and concerns first. Missy has always been courteous and helpful with the care of my teeth. I can’t say enough good things about the way I have been treated and would recommend Personal Care Dentistry to anyone. – August 23, 2018

Thanks Dr. Kyle Hunt – Donna G.
The highest review to resolve how to fix a fairly large triangular broken front tooth: 1. I chose no anesthesia – excellent. 2. No pain – over immediately. 3. He chose to even out other teeth. 4. He gave me a wonderful “makeover”. 5. My teeth are too big for my small mouth, you’d think it was the other way around!! – August 22, 2018

Always Responsive – Nancy B.
Our family has used Personal Care Dentistry for decades. They are always professional and responsive to any concerns. – August 22, 2018

Very Informative and Friendly – Paul H.
They always explain in detail anything which needs to be done or suggestions for future options. – August 22, 2018

Professional and Friendly – Debbie F.

LOVE this dental office! Dr. Kyle and Hygienist Kari are the best! – August 21, 2018

My Long Time Dental Office Always Does a Great Job! – Elizabeth K.

I’m not the easiest person to work with. I’m dental phobic. But they did a great job with me again today. I got in right away with little waiting and the hygienist who worked with me was very gentle. My teeth feel clean. I’ve had a full set of x-rays, and fluoride. They always explain any problems I am having and today was no exception. I have old fillings and a few cracks are starting to appear in those teeth. I will be back to have that addressed and I know they will take good care of me. They made sure to check with my insurance and let me know in advance how much I could expect to pay for the work to be done. – August 20, 2018

Great Experience – Shannon Z.

I had a great experience during my appointment. Jenna did an amazing job getting my teeth back in shape and Dr. Shannon went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my teeth! – August 17, 2018

Today’s Cleaning Appointment – Leon A.

Missy is the best. She is careful and considerate and is always interested in the patient that is in front of her. – August 15, 2018

Gentle Cleaning – Denise H.

Had a great check up and gentle cleaning which made for a wonderful visit to the dentist. – August 15, 2018

Great Service – Scott B.

Great service and comfortable cleaning. On time and out the door in 30 minutes! – August 15, 2018

Excellent Care & Professionalism – Reed A.

I have been a long-time client of Personal Care Dentistry. They have consistently done an excellent & very detailed job, and I would highly recommend them. – August 8, 2018

Always Great – Chris B.

Great service, as always. – August 8, 2018

The BEST – Vicky K.

I was scheduled for a cleaning only, however had some tooth pain. I had an X-ray and exam by the dentist. Assured all okay. Always treated extremely well by all the staff, especially Kim. – August 7, 2018

Recommend to Anyone – Dale H.

This practice makes going to the dentist easy. Kim as always was very professional and enjoyable. I would recommend Personal Care Dentistry to anyone. Plus looking at Dr. Hunt’s photographs is a real plus. – August 7, 2018

Went Well – Mary Jo Y.

I had my six-month cleaning which went well. I had a few questions and they were thoroughly answered and a going-forward plan is in place. – August 6, 2018

Good Service – Larry G.

It was a good experience. Thanks! – August 6, 2018

Attention to Detail – Nancy H.

The attention to detail and the level of knowledge of my hygienist, Missy, is a comfort to me. She and Dr. Hunt both gave me all the information I need to make an informed decision about my dental health. I need have a root canal, but now, I’m no longer afraid to have this taken care of. – August 3, 2018

High Level of Service – Michele M.

Warm and friendly. I was very comfortable in the care of Dr. Kyle and Julie. They worked very hard to make my temporary crowns fit nicely I am also comforted that in case I am not satisfied with the end-result I know they will take good care of me. – August 2, 2018

Thorough – Bahea M.

I have been going to Personal Care Dentistry for almost two years now and absolutely love all the staff. They take their time and are thorough. I appreciate how welcome and warm everyone is. I especially like Dr. Hunt’s artwork. It’s nice to appreciate while waiting. – August 2, 2018

Another Pleasant Experience at Personal Care Dentistry – Greg M.

I have been going to Personal Care Dentistry for several years now and have always been very well taken care of. Lindsay, the dental hygienist who performs the cleaning does fantastic work and is a pleasure to visit with during the appointment. I met Doctor Furry for the first time at my last appointment and I found him to be a very caring and thorough dentist. – August 2, 2018

Friendly and Very Knowledgeable – Vicki O.

Great service, friendly and very knowledgeable, from checking in, service and insurance upon leaving. – August 1, 2018

The Best in Dentistry – Don D.

Dr. Hunt & his staff are always very professional and friendly. They go the extra mile consistently. – July 31, 2018

High Quality and Lovely Staff – Shanti M.

You people have been so gentle and kind to my daughter – it’s really a pleasure being with you people so much! – July 26, 2018

Professional and Friendly – Ann W.

I was happy to see Tiffany since she was on maternity leave the last time I had an appointment. She is very personable and remembered things about my kids so we had a nice chat as she was cleaning my teeth. She is very gentle and explains things thoroughly. Highly recommended. – July 24, 2018

First Time Visit – Steven H.

It had been awhile since I have seen a Dentist as mine had retired. I knew I needed some work done but was skeptical as to who I would choose as my new Dentist. I was greeted with smiles from the friendly staff and given a tour of the well-kept facilities. My hygienist was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and explained everything in detail. Dr. Hunt was also very friendly and professional. He made time to chat for awhile instead of rushing to another patient. Very comfortable experience with both. So far, their website (which I thought was the best one I looked at and the reason I chose to try them) depicts accurately the commitment they make to their patients. I do need two crowns and it was very easy to schedule. I feel very comfortable going forward with the choice I made with my new Dentist and his staff. – July 24, 2018

Outstanding as Always – Drew M.

Thanks so much for another great appointment! Great place! I’ve been coming here for years. Highly recommend. – July 24, 2018

Very Comfortable First Time Appointment – Elizabeth J.

From the most dental phobic person, I felt comfortable (not relaxed!) and well taken care of. Dr. Hunt is so experienced and all of the staff, so professional and welcoming. With more work needed, I am not even anxious about going back. – July 20, 2018

Professional and Friendly! – Christine J.

Thank you again Jenna and Dr. Walter Hunt for a good experience at my 6-month checkup this morning. Always good to catch up with both of you, get my teeth “shined up” and know that I am in good hands! Have a great rest of the summer! – July 18, 2018

The Best Dental Experience I’ve Ever Had! – David B. 

Today I had a cleaning (it has been three years since my last one.) I had an appointment in the middle of May because of a toothache, I was told the tooth could maybe be saved with a crown but not for sure. They said to have it removed would be a good option. I had them do that and It was so nice to be pain free. I set up an appointment for a cleaning right then because I will never make that call. I made the appointment and mentioned that I’m a nervous patient with a strong gag reflex and would like to use Nitrous Oxide (for every appointment). When I went into the room I was happy to see that the Nitrous was already set up and didn’t have to ask if I could use it! (Other dentists in the past would say you don’t need it!) Jenna cleaned my teeth and it was pain free, I’m really glad I decided to come here! – July 4, 2018

Excellent Care – Barbara P.

Krista, the hygienist, did an excellent (and gentle) job of cleaning my teeth. No surprises. Explained everything she was doing. I prefer the dry scaling vs high speed water solution. Took oral photos to establish base line for teeth on the watch list. Establishes a concrete basis for any recommendation for future treatment. Dr. Hunt did a thorough exam. I certainly recommend this practice when I have the opportunity. – July 3, 2018

Thorough, Professional, and Friendly – Bev L. 

“Personal Care Dentistry” is aptly named. I always feel as though they have time for me – from the front desk to the dental hygienist to the dentist. Very friendly, considerate, gentle, and thorough. I trust them to do the right thing for me and not try to “sell” me something I really don’t need. I highly recommend Personal Care Dentistry. – July 2, 2018

Friendly and Professional – Shao L.

Had a quick and efficient cleaning. I had no issues with my teeth so my visit was quick. Teresa was my hygienist and she was friendly and professional. Dr. Shannon was very personable. – June 29, 2018

Professional and Courteous – Myra C.

My hygienist was amazing- she was thorough and friendly – I was 10 minutes late and they accommodated me. She addressed all my questions and was courteous about concerns. – June 27, 2018

Don’t Like Going to the Dentist, But if You Have to This is a Great Place – Cheryl J.

Nice bright reception area, nice exam rooms, everyone is very polite and friendly. Don’t like going to the dentist but if you have to go, this is a great place to go and they are all about making you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Personal Care Dentistry. – June 27, 2018

Personal Service – Merry T. 

I love Personal Care Dentistry. Hygienist Kim and Doctor Hunt are the best. Everyone is very caring and their work shows. – June 26, 2018

High Quality Service and Very Professional – Nancy L. 

Dr. Teo Baylon is great. – June 23, 2018

Very Professional – Ross Q.

Perfect dentist visit for hating the dentist. – June 22, 2018

Continually Great Service, Professional, Competent – Tami Z.

I told Dr. Hunt today he can never retire (well he and my hair-dresser) – huge compliment. While I know any of the very competent dentists at Personal Care Dentistry will provide the same, phenomenal service Dr. Hunt has, I’ve been a patient here since 1981, have referred many, and have never heard anyone who regrets coming! Great care, they listen, comfortable environment. – June 21, 2018

Consistent High Quality Dental Care – Patricia R.

We were in for our 6-month cleaning and check-up. As in the past, our hygienists were very thorough and professional. They asked us if we had any issues or changes since our last appointments and then proceeded to clean our teeth as needed. When Dr. Hunt came in they pointed out any areas they wanted him to check. We asked Dr. Hunt if he hired staff who were outgoing and friendly, because that’s our experience from the minute we walk in the door! The office is bright and cheerful and so is the staff. Thank you. – June 21, 2018

Great Service – Wade C. 

Personal Care Dentistry is great! – June 20, 2018

Great Customer Service – Peggy T. 

I appreciate the superb customer service I receive from the entire staff at Personal Care Dentistry. Kim and Dr. Hunt provide extremely personable and thorough care treatment with my best interest as a priority. This makes my dental visits enjoyable. – June 19, 2018

Excellence – Scott W.

I was incredibly impressed by the outstanding, personal, professional care that was provided in my last visit. From the cleaning to the exam and Dr. Teo’s treatment; the service was of the highest quality. Many thanks. – June 19, 2018

Professional – Keith W. 

Lindsay is a remarkably professional and a hard-working person. – June 19, 2018

Attentive, Personal, Excellent Service – Christine R.

I had a crown fall off and I was able to get in the next morning. I have been to other dental clinics in the area and I have found this one to be superior. They have early morning appointments, so I can get in and out and still be at work by 9 a.m. Cost of care is provided and their pricing is competitive. I always appreciate how nice and professional everyone is. – June 15, 2018

Friendly Staff – Emily S.

My hygienist was so friendly and accommodating. She let me know everything that she was doing and was very kind! – June 13, 2018

Professional and Friendly Atmosphere! – Angela M.

Love coming to Personal Care Dentistry! They make me feel welcomed and cared for each and every visit, the team seems to always have my best interest at heart too and they don’t push having unnecessary work done just to make money. They stand behind their work too. – June 12, 2018

Superb and Professional Service! – Tom S.

Entire staff are/were consummate pros. Nancy was very kind and explained all my questions very thoroughly. Dr. Hunt went out of his way to give me the diagnosis on tooth ( #15) and what my options were. Moreover they took me in on VERY short notice. (Thank you Michelle) and then made arrangements to get me in to see an oral surgeon that afternoon. All of this and I received it at NO CHARGE. You really can’t imagine just how much this guy needed to hear that given my current struggles right now. Kudos to Personal Care Dentistry…and thank you so much! –June 9, 2018

Super Friendly, Patient – Kayla C.

Every time I come in the staff is so friendly and both doctors I’ve seen, Dr. Teo and Dr. Hunt are wonderful. I most recently saw Dr. Hunt and he was very patient and helpful. As apprehensive as I can be about going to the dentist, I always feel comfortable here. – June 7, 2018

The Doctor Did a Wonderful Job – Yanna B.

I had to have a large filling today due to a previous filling coming out about a 2 years ago. The doctor did a wonderful job making sure that I didn’t feel anything and checked in with me throughout to make sure I was doing well. The dental assistant did a great job with prep, assistance, and letting me know what to look out for as well as letting me know how to handle the pain afterwards even while pregnant. – June 6, 2018

High Quality Service – Kim R.

My husband has dementia and Dr. Hunt’s staff were very thorough and caring in taking care of both me and my husband. They even provided blankets for both of us and helped my husband listen to music during his cleaning. We’re very pleased! I also have sensitive teeth and the hygienist was very careful to make the cleaning painless! I felt well cared for! – June 5, 2018

Dr. Hunt and Tiffany Take Good Care of My Teeth! Thank You! – Sue R. 

I am happy to have really good dental care @ Personal Care Dentistry. The staff is professional, courteous, and they really do care about their patients! They give me tips on how to take good care of my oral hygiene and keep an eye on old fillings. I love Dr. Walter Hunt and Tiffany! – June 5, 2018

Friendly – Shannon B.

The dental hygienist was very friendly! She answered my questions and gave good tips. This is a great place to go. – June 1, 2015

My First Ever Teeth Cleaning – Pritam M.

Jenna, my dental hygienist was the nicest most fantastic person ever. She made me feel welcomed, taken care of and comfortable during my visit. Dr. Shannon was a great gentlemen to talk to, he made sure my procedure went as planned and provided me with the necessary consultation. – May 25, 2018

Katie is Awesome! – Corey G.

What more can I say…Katie is indeed..awesome. Thanks for everything. – May 23, 2018

Professional and Quality Service – Ben H.

Professional work with an eye for detail. Appreciate the friendly, professional dental assistants and the skills of Dr Hunt. – May 22, 2018

My Cleaning was Efficient and Thorough and Educational – Melody P.

I love Personal Care Dentistry; the minute you walk in the door you feel valued and like part of a family. Staff is personable and friendly. Dr. Hunt is AWESOME; I look forward to my dental appointments. Thank you! – May 22, 2018

Professional and Friendly – Taylor C.

Great appointment. Went away feeling confident in my oral health. Hygienist was great and enjoyed talking shop. – May 19, 2019

Great, Efficient Service – Heidi S.

The cleaning was efficient and thorough; one of the best I’ve ever had. The exam was brief but complete. Both the hygienist and dentist were friendly and professional. – May 17, 2018

Dental Emergency – Exceeded my Expectations – Connie G.

As always, Personal Care Dentistry provided care that exceeded my expectations. In this case I had a dental emergency and was able to be seen the same day. While more extensive work will need to be done, Dr. Hunt took the time to be sure infection was treated and a temporary cosmetic repair was completed. I appreciated the sacrifice on his part as he was already fully booked. This is the kind of care and service I’ve come to trust from Dr. Hunt and Personal Care Dentistry over more decades than I care to admit to. – May 16, 2018

Friendly, Knowledgeable and Capable – Gretchen S.

Teresa and Dr. Teo are so wonderful. Teresa is fun to talk to and she keeps patients calm with her natural self. Dr. Teo takes the time to explain things and makes sure patients are comfortable. – May 16, 2018

Friendly and Comfortable Visit – Caitlin P.

This was my first time to Personal Care Dentistry. Breanne was extremely warm and welcoming and since I don’t love going to the dentist, this was helpful. The office is clean and bright, and all the staff were great. I highly recommend! – May 15, 2018

I Was Well Pleased with the Overall Experience – Craig S.

Personal Care Dentistry was very courteous, friendly, caring, and professional including all staff (receptionist, billing/scheduling members, dental assistant, and dentist). I was well pleased with the overall experience and would recommend Personal Care Dentistry to anyone seeking dental care. – May 11, 2018

Great Care! – Kytara N.

I was having issues with a filling that I got back in 2016. During my 6-month check-up I was asked if I would like it redone. They fixed it free of charge within 2 weeks. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with dentists in the past. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend this place to family and friends. – May 10, 2018

Very Professional – Ross Q.

It’s the best experience with you guys! All questions answered. – May 10, 2018

Friendly, Attentive, and Helpful – Lauren V.

I came to Personal Care Dentistry after an unprecedented two years between cleanings and was worried about being lectured. I’m a big coffee drinker and had some visible staining despite regular dental hygiene that I found embarrassing. I was met with kindness, non-judgment, and constructive help. I am so happy to bring my family to this dental practice! – May 10, 2018

Compassionate & Kind – Angie B.

I am so happy I called and went into see Dr. Hunt. He and Theresa were so very kind. I broke down crying and they made me feel ok about it. I was referred to an oral surgeon and couldn’t afford it so Theresa called a place (for low income individuals) and got me set up for the next day! I was beyond grateful. They showed that they really cared about ME. I highly recommend going here. – May 9, 2018

Always Great Friendly Service – Bob H.

I always take the early appointments because with the friendly fun environment from the team it sets the tempo for a great day for me. – May 9, 2018

Many Years with Dr. Walter Hunt – None Better – Terrance L.

Kim did my cleaning and was very nice to me. Kim likes to get the job done right. Doctor Hunt is very helpful and does a wonderful job telling me what my options are in a clear manner. I have had 14 family members come to Dr. Hunt over the years. Front staff is great to work with. – May 9, 2018

Friendly and Knowledgeable – Marjorie W.

I love this dental office and even my kids love going here. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have never waited more than 5 minutes past my scheduled time. There is never a hard sell for anything or pressure to spend money. Instead they take the time to answer your questions and explain the recommendations. – May 8, 2018

Amazing as Always. – Valeria M. – May 7, 2018

Awesome Customer Service – Darnell S.

From the receptionist to the hygienist to the dentist – I feel super welcome and cared for in the office and outside of the office too. It’s a great place to be with your teeth. – May 7, 2018

I Like Everything About This Business  Anne F.

Friendly professional staff, clean, extremely gentle and professional hygienist. – May 4, 2018

Quick, Professional and Friendly – Russ H. – May 3, 2018

Katie Did a Great Job as Usual. – Matt J. – May 2, 2018

High Quality, Professional  Marlys H.

Today Dr. K. Hunt completed a root canal my previous DDS could not finish. So glad! The entire group are all very pleasant and welcoming. Also, a sense of humor when appropriate. – May 1, 2018

Clean, Friendly, Understanding  Erika F.

I am not a fan of the dentist and they were very mindful of that. The hygienist and Dr. Hunt were very gentle and easy to be with. They were also very mindful to do only what was necessary due to me paying out of pocket for my cleaning and exam. I would definitely recommend this Dentist office. – April 28, 2018

Overall a Great Visit – Kalia X. 

Very clean, comfortable, and wait time wasn’t too long. – April 27, 2018

Friendly and Did a Thorough Job  Chris R.

Morning Cleaning and Check Up. My hygienist this morning was friendly and did a thorough job. It was much appreciated! – April 26, 208

They’re the Best  Brian G. 

Fast, friendly service, and free coffee! Hard to beat that. – April 25, 2018

Superior in Every Way  Christine W.

I have been a patient at PCD for many years. I have always been treated courteously by all. Dr. Hunt is thorough, friendly, approachable, and caring. I would and have many times recommended this office and staff to anyone. I recently needed a crown. I was given a quote up front. As it turned out, they did not need to do as much work as they thought, and my bill was a good deal less than originally quoted. Awesome! – April 25, 2018

Professional, Very Friendly, and Quality Work!  Suenita G.

I am extremely glad that I was referred to your office. The staff and Dr’s just awesome always friendly, easy to talk to, and provide quality work!  April 24, 2018

Great Service  Steve & Anna W.

As usual, we received great service from Kim! Over 30 years of fantastic care. – April 24, 2018

Best Staff Ever! – Marjorie W.

We love this place and all of its staff. They are honest and upfront but never pushy. Super nice to my kids and make going to the dentist fun! – April 23, 2018

Personal Care Dentistry Lives Up to Their Name! – Mike S.

Have been going here for years and have had an excellent experience over and over. Enough cannot be said about Missy and Dr. Kyle. They are professional, kind and care about their patients. I cannot recommend them enough! Thank You! – April 20, 2018

Knowledgeable and Friendly – Ann P.

I have been a patient at Personal Care Dentistry for 36 years, and have always been impressed with the friendly and professional service I have received. The dentists are extremely knowledgeable and use tender loving care. Kim, who has been my hygienist for many years, knows just what to do to calm my nerves! There are many dental practices much nearer to my home, but I am happy to go out of my way to be treated with such kindness and respect, and know that I am getting the best care possible. – April 20, 2018

High Quality – Lois L.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Furey for his work. He listened to my concerns, gave thorough explanations on alternative treatments and then performed the work expertly AND painlessly. He even took time to call me when I called the office with one more question. I give him my highest recommendation and I am very pleased with the result. – April 19, 2018

Excellent Service Today – Debbie F. 

Another great experience with the team! Dr. Kyle was accommodating as usual and Sam and Kari were friendly and professional! – April 19, 2018

My Experience – Roger M.

The Hygienist and Dr. Kyle were both great. – April 18, 2018

Great Experience – Katie K.

Jenna is great. She is kind and gentle. I really enjoy my visits when she is my hygienist. Dr. Teo is incredibly nice and friendly as well. Thanks for being awesome. – April 17, 2018

Best First Dentist’s Visit Ever! – Jenna V. 

We had a wonderful experience here with my 3-year-old’s first dentist visit. Katie, our hygienist, was SO incredibly nice and reassuring: she took ample time to build rapport with my daughter and explain everything clearly before putting any equipment in her mouth. Katie’s patient, encouraging demeanor and child-friendly approach made our experience AWESOME and put both of us completely at ease: I cannot thank her enough. We couldn’t have asked for a better first visit & would highly recommend PCD to other families with young children! – April 17, 2018

Painless and Personable – Rebecca H.

I’ve had really bad experiences with dentists in the past due to very sensitive teeth and a high tolerance for anesthesia. I was really pleased that both the dentist and the tech were very conscious about making sure I didn’t have any pain and didn’t hit a point where they expected me to suck it up because they were tired of giving me shots. It was a quick procedure—root canal and crown prep in one visit. I’ll definitely be going back. – April 17, 2018

Professional and Gentle – Margaret G.

I did not recognize my Hygienist until she started to work with me. Her gentle touch was what I remembered from 2 years ago! I came away feeling my teeth were sparkling clean – and nothing hurt. She was a delight! The dentist’s exam was professional and thorough. Both women were friendly and approachable. – April 17, 2018

Great Service and Thorough Care – Neil B. 

Hygienist was thorough and explained everything. Service overall was great, best dentist clinic I’ve been to. – April 15, 2018

Friendly People, No Pain – George P. 

A good experience. Friendly people, no pain. Explained everything well. – April 13, 2018

Competent and Comfortable – Michael M.

Friendly staff put me at ease for my first dental appointment in 3 years. The office is beautiful, the dentist very competent, and my appointment started on time. – April 12, 2018

Friendly Staff – Erinn L.

I have been going to Personal Care Dentistry for over 10 years. I love my hygienist. She always makes me feel relaxed and is extremely gentle. I never thought I would laugh during my dental appointments, but we do every time! The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this office to people of all ages and definitely to anybody who has any anxiety about dental work. – April 12, 2018

High Quality Service, Professional and Friendly – Ryan F.

The facility is very nice. The services is very friendly and professional. I dread going to the dentist, but they make it very comfortable. – April 11, 2018

Friendly and Professional – Kelly X.

Even though it was my first time coming here, I’m so glad I did! The staff and my dental hygienist were so kind and friendly they instantly made me feel comfortable. Just wanna say thank you again. – April 11, 2018

Continued Wonderful Experience! – John H.

I have been coming here for many years and don’t plan on going anywhere. This is the best place to come to have your dental work done! Everyone is so nice! Do yourself a favor and go to Personal Care Dentistry! – April 10, 2018

Professional and Friendly – Kathy L.

I’ve written a few other reviews, always good. I had a tooth cleaning today and had some concerns. After discussing the issues with the dental hygienist and the dentist we all came to the conclusion that it was just sinus issues and not a cracked tooth, PHEW!!! They were not critical, but listened well and thoughtfully and asked me plenty of questions. The cleaning went well and I was very pleased with the overall experience. I highly recommend this dental office!!! – April 9, 2018

Highly Recommend – A B.

I made my first appointment with the practice after reading the great reviews, and I am so glad I did. The hygienist (I believe her name was Kari) did a fantastic job – she was sweet and caring, concerned about any pain I was having, and did a very thorough job. I saw Dr. Shannon and he was great too. I will absolutely be coming back and my husband now has an appointment as well. Thank you for being so wonderful! Highly recommended – and they have coffee in the lobby too. – April 7, 2018

Friendly and Reassuring – Crystal H.

From entering the pleasant, beautifully decorated office to leaving the billing counter, my experience was first-rate. Everyone was very welcoming. The dental tech Brenda took her time with me, giving extra attention to my x-rays and cleaning since it had been awhile, and Dr. Hunt was very reassuring about the dental work I needed. I was able to walk out of the office with both a treatment plan and a cost estimate, and I scheduled my dental work within a very reasonable time frame. Overall, I would highly recommend this practice to anyone! – April 7, 2018

Always Love This Place – Andrew H. 

My favorite by far. Everyone is friendly and they do a great job! – April 5, 2018

Highly Professional and Courteous Service! – Patricia T.

I am always happy with my visit! – April 5, 2018

Sincere and Understanding – Jim S.

I came in after many years of focusing on my family instead of myself…and Dr. Shannon could not have been more sincere and understanding. My thanks! – April 3, 2018

Amazing Dentist! – Walker C.

Wonderful service, friendly staff and welcoming environment. Dr. Hunt gave me honest and great advice about my cracked tooth. – April 3, 2018

Another Positive Experience – Dennis L.

I had another positive experience with Breanne and Dr. Hunt. – April 2, 2018

Great Care – Christine M.

Recommend this dental office. – April 1, 2018

Happy – Emily M. 

My son has always been extremely anxious going to the dentist. He was reluctant to try this place, but he actually came out smiling! Thank you! – March 31, 2018

Thorough, Gentle and Friendly! – Katy M.

Jenna did such an excellent job cleaning my teeth this morning. She is thorough and very gentle. I have no pain at all in my gums from my cleaning this morning! All the staff are so friendly, and Dr. Hunt is the best! I highly recommend Personal Care Dentistry! – March 30, 2018

Very Pleased – Sue V.

Very pleased with all aspects of my visits with Missy and Dr. Hunt… as usual. – March 30, 2018

Great Start to the Day – Bob H.

Always get an early appointment because everyone is always positive and happy which is a great way to start my day! They make my dental experience much more enjoyable because they truly care about me. – March 29, 2018

Great Overall Experience – Mitch F.

My hygienist was awesome and the dentist was quick but thorough. – March 29, 2018

I Never in My Life Have had a Better Hygienist – Pat P.

She is super friendly, service is outstanding and appears to care about you and any issues she might find. Front staff is also kind and caring. Even got me a wheelchair to use! – March 29, 2018

Gentle and Kind – I Always Feel Welcomed – Gina C.

I had a tooth extraction and Dr. Hunt was very kind, gentle and very reassuring. The hygienist was really good at talking with me to ease my anxiety. When I walked into the office, I was greeted at the door by name. I have been coming to this office since I was a child and will never stop coming here. Everyone who works here is exceptional at what they do. Thank you! – March 29, 2018

Kind Touch, Very Appreciated – Jean L.

Always timely and time is taken without being rushed. Job is always satisfactory. Very good team work. My teeth cleaning was done well and with such a kind touch, very appreciated. – March 28, 2018

Great – As Always – Christine J.

I have never had a bad experience here! Love Dr. Hunt and all of the hygenists and techs. Tiffani was fabulous this morning, and I loved being a test case for the new scanning technology – which gets a thumbs up by the way! Have a great day!!! – March 27, 2018

The Best – Louise K.

Always friendly, helpful, accommodating and professional. Today I would add Hyper-efficient. – March 26, 2018

I Love My Dental Hygienist – Juleah T.

And that’s a totally abnormal thing to say… but as someone who gets twitchy about dental care I feel comfortable and welcomed and not at all judged. – March 22, 2018

My Dental Trust – Kiki H.

I have a long history, since childhood, of being abused by dentists. I was lucky enough to find another dentist in the area who treated me well, but unfortunately his office did not fit my insurance plan very well. I was apprehensive about finding a new dentist. I was elated that I was coincidentally setup with a girl who has to be the sweetest thing on earth. The dentist, who generally doesn’t need very much time with me, was sweet as well. I have been seeing Krista for about two years now, and I adore her. She better never quit, because I will be distraught! – March 21, 2018

Always a Positive Experience – PJ J.

Today’s visit was for my six-month check. Jenna did a great job! Very thorough, polite and nice. The ambiance in the office is great, too. Love looking at all of Dr. Hunt’s beautiful photography! – March 12, 2018

Thorough, Conscientious and Friendly. – Deanna P.

Great care by the hygienist, Nancy, and the dentist, Dr. Ferry. Front desk staff and billing representatives are all great! – March 7, 2018

Once Again, A Positive Experience! – Gloria B.

Staff is professional and friendly. Jenna was very good at explaining procedures and let me make the decision on full-mouth or bite-wing x-rays this time (I went with full-mouth). I never feel pressured into anything here. Met Dr. Teo for the first time — very pleasant and professional. – March 5, 2018

As Always, Very Welcoming Staff – Ted J.

Virtually no wait for my regular cleaning appt. My choice on how I wanted it done and was efficiently done including doctor’s inspection. Careful attention to a couple of teeth they’re watching. Pleasant conversation inviting me to share my activities since last time, and a nice cup of coffee as I left. – March 2, 2018

Friendly and Caring – Kelli M. 

I had to have an emergency visit, and everyone was very caring and happy to help make sure things went smoothly and I was comfortable through the whole process. – February 28, 2018

Efficient Yet Thorough, Professional and Friendly – Michael O.

My care is always thorough and Tiffany is very friendly which distracts me from the scraper that is being applied to my teeth. I don’t feel rushed, yet somehow I am in and out in less than an hour. Highly recommended! – February 28, 2018

Always Professional, Always Great Service – Daniele V.

Highly recommend them for anyone looking for a dentist. – February 28, 2018

Above and Beyond What I Expected – Andria M. 

It’s great to be back. I grew up seeing Dr. Hunt and was so happy to see how much the practice has grown since my last visit! I was very anxious and embarrassed that I hadn’t kept up with regular cleanings and worried what might have resulted from my failure to do so. But Dr. Hunt and Kim were, as usual, so patient and understanding. I also want to thank, I think her name was Nancy (sorry if I forgot), who initially calmed my nerves and really put me at ease. My entire experience was above and beyond what I could have ever expected. Thank you all! – February 24, 2018

Extremely Helpful – Samantha S.

They treat you like family! Extremely helpful with resolving all my tooth issues and communicate wonderfully during treatment and after! They never make you feel shame about your oral health and appearance but instead help you love your smile again! Cannot begin to express how blessed my family and I are to have found Dr. Kyle and all the team members at Personal Care Dentistry! Thank you all for treating us like family!!!  – February 23, 2018

Always a Good Experience – Abby D.

I’ve seen multiple dentists there and they are all awesome. I always see Kim and she makes me feel comfortable but still educated me on how to keep my mouth clean and healthy! – February 21, 2018

Always Friendly, High Quality Service – Douglas R.

No scolding or pressure. No pain or troubles. Quick, efficient, and on time. No waiting. Teeth cleaned, polished, and a consultation with Dr. Teo about possible future treatments. – February 16, 2018

Such a Pleasant Atmosphere – Kathy C. 

It’s a top notch, so pleasant place! – February 14, 2018

Quick Appointment When I Broke a Crown – Gloria B.

I broke a crown at 4:30 in the afternoon, called the office, they had an opening at 6:30 the next morning. Lucky for me the dentist was able to reset my crown as the base of it was still intact. Both the hygienist Nancy and Dr. Furey (filling in for Dr. Hunt) were professional and friendly as was the entire staff. I’ve only been a patient here for a few years (since my long-time former dentist retired) but I will continue to come here. The dentists here are not pushy – they will treat the problem as best they can and don’t push more expensive options on patients. I have recommended this office to several friends/family. –  February 13, 2018

Appointment for Cleaning and Checkup – Jerry W. 

Hygienist Jennifer is excellent. –  February 12, 2018

Major Dental Anxiety – Marnie A.

I went today after 2.5 years of not having been to the dentist and was a giant ball of nerves. In fact, before we even got started I was crying in the chair. Melissa, my hygienist, was amazing. She didn’t rush anything and talked me through everything she was doing. I’ve never been to a dentist office where I felt like they TRULY cared about me – not just my wallet. I definitely still have issues/fear with this, but I think this may be the place I can start working through it. I will definitely be back and would strongly encourage anyone who has a fear of dentists to check out this place. – February 8, 2018

Treated Like an Old Friend – Linda S.

Every visit I am treated like I am one of the family. The doctors are honest and fair. They take all the time you need, making sure you are informed and sure. The atmosphere is very positive and calming. Highly recommend! – February 7, 2018

Always a Pleasure – Jessica O.

Friendly, fast and talented providers. – February 7, 2018

Personal Care Dentistry is Top Notch! – Dale B. 

Jenna does an excellent job… my overall experience has been great! – February 7, 2018

40 + Years and I Am Still Coming Back – Gina C.

I have been coming here since I was a child. I have never been afraid of going to the dentist. It is an appointment I look forward to twice a year! Everyone is friendly and nice and explain everything they do. Patient for life! – February 6, 2018

Their Customer Service is Absolutely Amazing – Sina L.K.

I have terrible anxiety regarding dental procedures, but Personal Care does absolutely everything they can to make every experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Their customer service is absolutely amazing, and I have confidence in all their doctors, hygienists, and technicians. – January 31, 2018

Professional, Knowledgeable, Caring, and Sensitive – Tom R. 

Dr. Painless was wonderful as usual. His assistant was outstanding, and of course she did most of the work! My temporary looks soooo wonderful that I am now packing a bag for Hollywood! I am sure the real things will be as good. Ciao……see ya soon! – January 31, 2018

Very Friendly, Quick, Good Clean – Kate I.

This was my second time at Personal Care Dentistry and it was just as good as the first. I hadn’t been to a dentist in 12 years prior to my first appointment and the hygienist and dentist were both very friendly and non-judgemental. Teeth feel great, appointments are super easy to set up and manage, and all the staff are very accommodating. – January 30, 2018

Great – Dick K.

Great professional friendly dentistry. What more could one want? – January 24, 2018

Friendly and Professional – S K.

My experience with an emergency broken tooth and crown was the easiest appointment I’ve ever had. The staff was so professional and friendly and made the whole experience so easy! – January 24, 2018

Excellent Care and Service – Jeff N.

I needed an urgent dental service today and left a message last night. They called me right before the office opened, got me in for an appointment right away, and I was seen BEFORE the appointment with timely friendly service. As always they did a great job. I do feel like I get personalized care every time rather than cookie cutter care at some other places. Thanks again. – January 24, 2018

Great Experience – Nicole A. 

Very nice and it turned out great! Everyone is wonderful and helpful! – January 23, 2018

Best Dental Experience I’ve Had – Heather B.

This was by far one of the best dental experiences I’ve had. They worked well for me, my three year old and 14 year old. The staff and doctor are awesome and the office is beautiful with a nice play area for little ones. – January 23, 2018

I Highly Recommend This Dentist Office – Kayla S.

I highly recommend this dentist office! From start to finish everyone I interacted with was so wonderful! They squeezed me in for an extra service at the end of a routine cleaning and I could not be more grateful! – January 17, 2018

Winter Check Up with Kim and Dr. Teo – Mary Beth Y.

As always, I love to hear I take good care of my teeth. All checked out today when Kim looked over my teeth and cleaned them. Nice to have clean teeth and be done for another six months. And, Dr. Teo is my all-time favorite dentist. I love her work! She gave me a thumbs-up, so, I’m happy. – January 16, 2018

High Quality and Satisfactory Service – Innocent M. 

Marla & Dr. Kyle did an awesome job today during my visit. The environment is super friendly to be in. – January 16, 2018

We Love Our Dentist – Vladimir P.

My wife and I started coming here back in 2006. We had no kids then, now we have 3 kids plus the two of us and we all love our dentist office. The dental hygienist are amazing and the doctors are too. Highly recommended! – January 16, 2018

I Am Looking Forward to My Next Appointment – Melaney S.

What an amazing experience. I was listened to, and treated with such care. My hygienist was gentle and caring.  My dentist was kind and understanding. I honestly have never had such a good experience at a dentist. I am looking forward to my next appointment. That sounds strange I know, but trust me when I say every person In that office made me feel comfortable an offered no judgement whatsoever. – January 11, 2018

Amazing with My Toddler – Amanda B.

Jenna was so skilled, patient, and sweet with my 3-year-old. He was pretty scared and resistant at first and she slowly, magically managed to get him happy in the chair for a cleaning and exam. He left thinking the dentist was the coolest place ever. I’m amazed. Besides Magic Jenna, the receptionists and dentist were also so kind and patient. – January 10, 2018

Great Service and Comfortable Atmosphere – Trevor H. 

I love going to Personal Care Dentistry. I have been going here since I was in grade school so for over 20 years and they have always been terrific. In the last few years they expanded their office and did a remodel and I must say it is really nice. Every staff member I have interacted with has been friendly, kind, helpful, and done a great job anticipating needs for me. I highly recommend Personal Care Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a highly competent dentist with a great staff! – January 10, 2018

The People are Very Friendly and Professional – Tom G. 

Great dental office. The facilities are new and up to date. Really like the artwork and original photography on the walls. Tiffany rocks! I’m always recommending them to people looking for a dentist. – January 9, 2018

Very Pleasant Experience, Thorough Professional Service – Ty W.

Today was my first visit at Personal Care. I liked my previous dentist a lot, but my insurance changed, and she was not in my new network. Now I have a new dentist office I like a lot. I only needed my periodic cleaning and polishing today. Jenna is very skilled with the cleaning tools. She is so smooth, it’s almost like the tools are part of her hands. She’s thorough and gentle at the same time. Everyone there is so friendly. It must be a great place to work, too. – January 5, 2018

I’ve Always Hated Going to the Dentist, But This Place is Great – Amanda L.

Very pleasant dentist experience. I will be sending my whole family here from now on. – January 5, 2018

Dental Professionals – Michael S.

Nice friendly professionals in a busy but not hectic dental office. Nice to be able to say getting two crowns was a boring, no surprises, experience. – January 5, 2018

Classy Place – Professional, Warm, Quick and on Top of Their Game! – Mike S.

Short notice appointment. They got me in – and it looks like I’ve found a dentist to return to! Only as needed though. Go, go, go! – January 4, 2018

Amazing Customer Service – Erin H.

Every time I come in the staff is so friendly and always having fun. Kari is by far my favorite because she is a great conversationalist! With Missy as a close second because of her sweet nature! Jessie lights up the front desk with her sparkling personality. Thanks for all your hard work ladies! – January 4, 2018

Fast Service – Shannon O.

I went in for a possible cavity. Old filling removed and new one put in. Out the door in 30 minutes. – January 2, 2018

Very Smooth Work – Bob W.

Quick, painless and much less involved than I imagined. Professional and caring interactions with caregivers and office people. – January 2, 2018